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First training run/ 100 days to go

January 9, 2011

Soooo, the paperwork was submitted last week but not a bead of sweat passed. Friday night (7th of January- 100 days to go- fortunate coincidence)  Matt and I went on our first run. Now, context is always pivotal to understand events. Matt and I have run together before. Once. Probably about 4 years ago. Yeah, didn’t go so well. He’s fit. I’m the same but with a different vowel in the middle there (and it’s not e, u or o). I don’t like the feeling of not being able to do something that others seem to accomplish so easily. But then again, it is me. I once confided in a friend that sometimes I forget how to cough. I try not to tell people that story anymore. Yeah, Seriously Physically Challenged considering I’m an otherwise healthy human (in theory).

So, there are fits and bursts of time when I am convinced my inner athlete is ready to emerge and I’ll sign up to gym and all the other hoopla. One such occasion entailed me leaving my front door and planning to run/ walk really far. I ran to end of my road. Walked the next part. Ran as far as the fire station, then walked to the BP petrol garage. Then walked past the traffic lights (In South Africa, they are called Robots) then turned around and walked home. Puce and pissed off.

Friday night I had a serious chat to myself about the time I did that (a year earlier). Put on my takkies (out of South Africa these are called sneakers/ trainers- but I’ve not quite developed my vocab to change that word seeing I use the word so rarely!). Takkies afoot, running kit on. And our temporary house mates, Kym and John, snickered and wished us both well- probably more Matt than I.

We left our front door, ran to the end of the road, turned left (or was it right?- can’t tell the difference), ran past the fire station, up to the BP. I thought I was dying, so we walked for about 2 minutes and then, my dear friends, I ran. Forest Gump I am not, but it felt like maybe I could be.

Got home, John was quite concerned at my mildly flushed face (some people go puce- I am seriously one of those). Anyway, people, I made it. 45 minutes to run 3 miles. Need to do that like 9 times… so at this rate, if I run the whole marathon it should only take me like 7 hours…. and to be fair I had to walk so ya, not so sure about this anymore.

Ha ha!! Run Fat Boy Run is on TV- writing this on Sunday, when I have replicated Fridays efforts with slightly less of a break.

My motto to myself is just to put one foot in front of the other. Apparently I also need to stop staring at the floor by my feet (part marveling) and stare like 10 feet in front. Maybe next time.

Ok, I think I can do this. Surely, I can. Really, hopefully, positive thinking I can and will. The best thing is, amongst my many shortcomings is the best one of all. I have no concept of distance.

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