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Motivation (95 days)

January 11, 2011

After a bit of depressing run yesterday, just before going to bed I saw that people had already sponsored me! Nic started the bidding madness and then one of my oldest friends from Hong Kong had rounded it off to my first £100. It meant that instead of falling asleep depressed with stiff legs and sore feet, I fell asleep grateful and motivated. It reminded me of when I got married and imagined I’d find it all quite funny and trivial but from the moment I arrived at the church, it was totally not what I expected. I found the vows and the seriousness the best part. Just like this marathon training, I have said yes. I will run but what I’ve not anticipated was this feeling like I’m doing something important, 26 miles out of my comfort zone. I didn’t expect the fundraising to be motivational, if anything I anticipated it being a distraction but far from it, even in these early days I think that I need to earn those sponsorship donations and that helps me.

Well, that’s my thinking now- post-lunch-gym-session. If I had thought it before gym then maybe I’d report on my amazing results, but the reality was I got bored after 10 minutes on the bike, then 5 minutes on the treadmill, then 4.58 minutes on the rowing machine and so I went to stretch. I think I need an ipod. I’ve now created a learning list so I can remember all these new things.

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