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Fourth Run/ 94 days to go

January 12, 2011

The inner athlete is emerging. Had an awesome run tonight. I ran my 3 mile route. Got home and then just kept on going. With a distinct Gump-esque voice in my head: “So I ran“. The best part was that as I left home I was kicking myself because I hadn’t checked the time. I was putting on my new running gear (lumo pink- no fashion conscious maiden me) it was 19.17 according to our lumie sad lamp/ radio/ bird song alarm clock (anything to try and make me a morning person) and then spent what seemed an age scrounging around trying to find my old nano ipod or even Matt old original. Found neither so used my phone with half battery- hoping it’d last. Probably left home about 10 minutes later… only twigged at the end of the run that I could have just checked my blaady phone, but hey, brunette moment.

So, after my not so impressive session at gym yesterday and feeling like I am not sure I can motivate myself to do this without Matt, I lycra-ed myself up, thought about that 200 mile Arctic hike, and blasted my music. It really must’ve made a difference because using google maps to measure the extra bit I ran- it means I ran an extra 2.4 miles! And that is after my 3 miles so all in all- a 5 mile run! But drum roll- I got through the door at 20.20. So it took me under an hour!! And I actually felt OK, I came home because my battery nearly died and I was enjoying my Flo.Rida too much! LOL. So if I don’t tire or take a break I could do this marathon in 5 hours. Ya, I’ll calm down and optimistically hope I’ll just complete it.

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