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A half marathon entered

January 13, 2011

Signed up for my mid-way half marathon in Dorking (LOVE that name!) on the 6th of March. Funnily enough close to where Matt and I had our tea party/ drinks after the wedding here in the UK. So it’ll be amusing to return there in very different circumstances. Apparently it’s a hill climb to the highest point in the UK until the Urals… seeing I have no clue where that is- I thought they were in Russia, but am pretty sure there are the Alps between the two places, but ANNYWAY! So that’s all paid for and organised. If you want to read more click here Matt and I will do that together. Hopefully I won’t die.

Spoke to my old work colleague this evening, Hayleigh and reminisced about the not so long ago running we used to do on our lunch breaks in Spring last year. Running for 15 minutes was our very hard goal, on that one good day we had. And it was very hard! But man, we were proud of ourselves and reminded everyone back in the office, with our sweaty faces and glowing healthy smugness! Man, it was a good day. I was actually thinking about one of the run/walks we did where I got a stitch but carried on and was really proud of myself (and amazed that discomfort wasn’t necessarily fatal), but we were running with Nimesha that day so I did have to try extra hard! Sigh, it was good to catch up and remember how far I have come in just 4 training runs- all about the mental attitude! Also reminds me how far I have to go! Oh well, resting today and back on it tomorrow.

Apparently we’re doing intervals. For 3 miles. What are intervals I hear you ponder? I, stupidly, asked. Sometimes not knowing something is OK. Sometimes it’s actually cool. Like if your skirt gets tucked up in your tights- as long as you never ever find out it happened, you’re better off having no idea it was you they were sniggering at! So, intervals are sprint, jog, walk, sprint, jog, walk for 3 miles. Ok, that sounds like hell, n’est pas? Well it is the first circle of hell- if you go further and read the small print there is also the small matter of stairs in the middle of that sprint, jog, walk melarky. I figured I can handle running up the overpass Matt had in mind- but apparently, it’s not a singular occurence, in this realm of hell, it is 5 times- over the bridge and back—- people!!! DO THE MATH! That is running over the road 10 times!!! After a 3 mile sprint, jog, walk thingymebob.

If this is my last post, know that I died bravely and valiantly in pursuit of a psychotic, impulsive flight of madness. Probably surrounded by a small pool of sweat, and a broken foot on some obscure Sutton overpass… Oh, the glory of ambition.

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