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90 days/ 6 miles

January 16, 2011

Dudes!! 6 miles is faaaaarrrrr! And there was like a hill and wind. I was hungry and sad cos I’d dropped Kym and John off at the airport this morning well early and I hadn’t had breakfast. I shuffled up the first looong hill and then walked past the half way point and walked until the traffic circle/ roundabout which is 3 miles and then ran home, making it a 6 mile route. While I ran, my head runs faster then I do so while I pondered I worked out my levels of movement. I walk, shuffle, jog, run, charge and sprint.

I tried all kinds of talking to myself to try and shuffle/ jog the whole 6 miles but I just bottled it. I am sooo unfit and everything wobbles and wibbles uncomfortably. My earphones fall out my ears I only have like 8 songs on my phone, which gets a touch boring- especially since one of them was an accidental download of the Saturdays song which annoys me. But I guess, the main thing is that I did the distance. In like an hour and half! I really really am going to struggle with this marathon.

Good news is that I have figured out that it is all in my head and that is where I need to master dominence. The application of the one-step principle is relevant across all aspects of my life. I think that is what I will try to master- once that is done, 26 miles will follow. But I do wish my adventure was more like Kymmie (with a double m) and John’s. Somewhere warm, without running and a lot less mental chatter.

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