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Yesterday, today and tomorrow

January 20, 2011

I was supposed to swim. I was supposed to run in the evening. Instead i worked through lunch, so no swim. Worked late, so no run. I justified it to myself by saying work is important etc etc. But then I got home and realised that I wouldn’t be running today because I’m out with some of my old work colleagues from RH tonight, so that means 2 days with no running. I’m babysitting from Friday afternoon to evening so can’t run then… at some point I need to make running my priority. I need to find time. Wake up earlier. Work harder in the time I have at work and then leave when it is time. Just like I would if I was meeting someone. All those things those blaaady self help books preach, which I read but never finish.

Just because I ran 6 miles well does not mean I can just sit back and rest on my laurels in the way I tend to do when I do something well. *sigh* if I knew this training would be less about actually running 26 miles and more about changing the behaviour of a lifetime I’d really question my flippant entry, or maybe on some level I knew I need to start being more than what I currently am and this is it. At some point I knew I had to introduce the devil to the deep blue sea…. or maybe just maybe, I am overthinking this- just a touch. As I so very very rarely do. Ok, I should just find the time and shut up.

But that wouldn’t be much of blog now, would it?! 🙂

PS: I wasn’t even very stiff after the 6 mile run! PPS: Just went for a swim. It is the one area of fitness I’ve always loved and always took as a given that I Am A Swimmer. Not anymore, apparently. *sigh* now I sit at my desk with pink little piggy eyes, achy arms and a proper sulk. Oh, and I smell like pool. You know the smell, combo of chlorine and strangers pee, that no amount of showering or Channel Mademoiselle is going to conquer for a good few hours.

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  1. Kym permalink
    January 23, 2011 00:41

    You are awesome, bug or windscreen day! Xxx

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