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85 days/ yoga prep

January 21, 2011

It’s a Friday and I like my yoga class so it’s my indulgence. Seeing I’d done nothing but swim two days ago for 20 minutes, this week I thought I deserved it. I’ve also had a bit of a full on week and am shattered. So myself, and 3 colleagues, Filiz, Amy and the reluctant Rebecca got ourselves to the class. Now, as I mentioned I like yoga but sometimes it’s like a different country with different humans who enhabit it. Lion breath, horse breath beautiful goddesses. But I kind of roll my eyes (or get the giggles in extreme cases) when we’re told to do head stands…Be Brave, believe in yourself and you’ll be surprised by your own strength and other kind of stuff like that. Thing is, that for me is Ok. I get it and think it’s kinda cool but when you’re with your colleagues, arses to the sky, forehead on the floor trying to bunny hop yourself up onto your head and hands or even into these agile shapes others seem to contort to so easily, it just makes for a funny, inelegant vision. Then when the teacher glides around caressing some of the other pupils with fluid movements and the music is distinctly 80s music involving a horn of some kind and then said teacher references the horn whilst I’m jumping about like a fish it just really is impossible to find your balance let alone keep a straight face or not snort quite loudly. Thing is, after talking about said horn in said bad 80s music the teacher then goes on to say no-word-of-a-lie: Music is important, you should be mindful of what you listen to… afterall we are two thirds water. Now I don’t even know if that is true but COoome Onn! Seriously?? I get some people follow moon cycles and stuff like that but I have gotta be saying QQUUUEEE??? to that one. I mean this is the self same gym the X-factor contestants practise their side stepping and walking routines. This is my lunch break where I go back and stare at my screen working out media moments and stuff, but all I keep remembering is that I am 2/3rds water and have a sacral spirit and I can’t even remember some of the other gems. But sometimes it’s worth keeping ones message in line with the audience. Generally always.

But I know I’m focusing on that and not on my real accomplishment of the day which was getting home- we’re babysitting the boys this afternoon/ evening. I got to help Matt at about 6… the boys far more content if Matt’s anywhere to be had. So I tried desperately to wriggle out of running. It was so cold. I was so tired. I was irritable and stressed. But he turned me around said he was coping. I should go home, go for a run and then come back once I’d completed my run. So I stalked home and had a nap, woke up and toyed with the idea of having a bath, taking it easy…afterall, I’d had a tough week with things at work and all those things, poor me. I was cold etc. Did I mention that? It is freeezing!! So I put on my takkies, my leggings, my vest and just went for a run. 3 miles. 35 minutes. Hated it but my body coped and there was no-one telling me I was mostly water and a goddess. Just me and the voice in my head reminding me to focus on one step at a time and scorning me for forgetting my tissues. Again. But hey, at least there was no 80s horn music or self righteous teacher gliding next to me. I am sure that I am stronger than I can believe possible and a goddess etc, just at the moment I am glad I’m no longer granny-shuffling and might even be starting to be a confident jogger… and actually I prefer being that.

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