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83 days/ gulp/ Richmond Park v1

January 23, 2011

Ran the circuit of Richmond Park this morning- 8 miles, total Bug day. I granny-shuffled a LOT of the way. But got home in time to make a fabulous stew with dumplings for the lovely Nic and Scott… to work out the details of our new kitchen, because yes, someone like me not only has my contract at work coming to conclusion and entered a marathon, but we’re also hoping to finish our house, including major renovations downstairs! Love me a challenge. 🙂 (The last major job we did on our house was the bathroom, finished in the days before our wedding) I always think the more you do, the larger your capacity to do things grows too. But I know this blog is dedicated to me running not all the other million and one other things I could focus on!

So, onto Richmond Park this morning. I’ve called it v1 as it will be my Sunday morning route until April (except when we’re off skiing in 2 weeks!! Sooooo excited). I used to drive the route everyday so I am familiar with the layout of the park- and one thing that compensates me for all my foibles with distance is that I very rarely forget the lay of the land. I can feel hills approaching. Feel them sniggering, waiting in lurking corners. Matt is good at other things. So when I made him promise me that the first hill was the only major one, I knew I was setting him up. How spectacularly neither of us realised. So I shuffled my heart out (dudes, I could walk faster then I shuffle). I really struggled with my posture again. Really struggled with keeping my head up and my arse in. Anyone, who knows me knows that is quite a challenge anyway.. Baby Got Back is an awesome song for many reasons. Anyway! I’m suffering now as my back is damn sore and weirdly my neck. Although, the neck is probably from whiplash from the mud.

The mud.

I am looking forward to seeing the changing seasons at Richmond, because soon the snowdrops will be poking through then soon the masses of yellow,friendly daffodils… but what do those pretty, robust and luffly little things need first of all? Water and soil. Unfortunately most of that is stuck on the bottom of my takkies (trainers) so there will be no spring In Richmond Park this year. Sorry about that.

Otherwise the run was good, well as good as my first route experiences tend to go. Apparently I’m Doing Very Well. That final sneaky hill was coated in mud, but if there is one thing about me is that I am not afraid of, it’s mud- although I felt very sad for my takkies and was quite embarrassed that I thought Matt and I were alone summiting the slippery slopes. So I thought nothing about apologising profusely to my poor little shoes who were bravely fighting for breath in the quagmire. Poor things, bad enough having feet in them. Anyway, we weren’t alone. Although, very quickly were again- think the dude might’ve pulled a hammie he picked up his pace so quickly.

Final serious thought though was seeing another runner, running with one leg and one of those prosthetic blades. Seriously, hope I left some mud behind so that there will be millions of bright and beautiful flowers to help people like that enjoy their run because on crappy days they are the bright flowers for the rest of us.

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