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Learning from the run

January 26, 2011

Ok, so obviously I wasn’t exactly fluent last night. Hunger and exercise does that to me sometimes. That and overexcitement. But I wasn’t overexcited- obviously.

So I’ll write my learnings down tonight as there were a few. Namely, I wasn’t in the mood to do the run to begin with but did it regardless. I now know I can run that route and so I can’t not do it, as technically I am supposed to be fitter every time I run. And I ran it all- no stopping, except for traffic, which is kind of important. What was disappointing though was the fact that the last time we ran it, I walked up the last hill and this time I granny shuffled and my time was slower! 😦 Seriously, the granny shuffle HAS to go. I’ve worked out that if I’m talking and distracted then I can run a lot easier but I really thought I’d break through the hour time mark and I was more then a little disappointed that this wasn’t the case. I think that puts me a little out.

But after finishing the 6 miles at the end of the road, I carried on to do bridge sprints. I wasn’t even too tired but because the bridge I thought we were going to do it across, in my little minds eye, was actually a railway line (probably an effective but dangerous training method) it meant we had to run even further to the pedestrian bridge. I had a strop, although reined it in a little. (Milestone, people, milestone!) Got to the bridge and just went for it. Matt was a bit peeved as he hadn’t explained to me where the stop and start points were and what the plans were, all I was doing was trying to do one, which was a touch under-ambitious. Matt told me I should do 5 to his 20 and that I needed to touch in and out- rules, rules! Never my strong point. Tell me the aim and I’ll do it in the best way I see fit. But I do like repetition, I was definitely a factory worker in another life. But what kept me going was this dropped gummy worm- you know, those candy marshmallow and gummy body snakes… it made me think of Nicola and our days on the swings at lunch in the sun, eating sweeties watching all the children in the school playground. Obviously, we were in our business suits and made for an odd picture as it was only 2 summers ago, but hey ho, made me giggle and carry on back over the bridge. I didn’t struggle too much but then trying to run home was just one ask too far. I walked for about a minute and then ran the rest of the way home at quite a leisurely pace, but just quicker then a granny shuffle. I did a strong run (not quite a sprint) on the last 50 or so metres to the house.

Sooo, the lesson learnt is summarised well in something Matt said whilst running: “This is as much about training the mind as it is about training the body”. Hence, why I write this blog so that even when I struggle to write, I have to. And like running, once I’m into it, I’m OK, it’s just the starting that’s hard.

So my lessons are: If I build up my expectations (as I ALWAYS do) and they are not met I get disheartened and want to quit- that is a rubbish attitude. So I need to stop the habit of telling myself how far I have to run and things, just focus on the very next step and put everything into that. It is so easy to write that but it really really is a hugely foreign concept and one that is critical that I master, because if I want to quit after 6 miles because the bridge I expected to be there was 40 m further away, how am I going to cope when I think Buckingham Palace is closer to Tower Bridge than what it really is.

On other news, I had a half day today as I went to a cookery demonstration/ lunch with my veggie supplier which was really nice, got to meet other organic veg box deliverees… if I may be so liberal with the English language and make up a word… it was really nice to meet people, although it was strange to have lunch in someones house and talk to people who you’re never likely to meet again and then just walk away. Quite strange for someone like me who is constantly building links and networks. Anyway. Riverford Veg. I’ll put that little plug in there- awesome veg and a really great meal. Google them.

Oh, and PS: I entered the London Triathlon in July. Code word: Superstar! Really excited as I can do it with Fee (Fiona) so it’ll be grand to do something with someone else, although hopefully I can be extra fit and strong so I don’t slow her down. Don’t worry, the good news is that I’m not fundraising for that one. Just swimming 1500m, running 10km and 40km cycle. So might need a bike.

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