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Running on chocolate/79 days

January 27, 2011

So, this day has been looming for a while… if you read the Who Am I section, you’ll remember that I’ve given up a lot recently. But not chocolate. Not that. Thing is, sugar has never been my friend- long story, but it’s easier to give up everything else but my favourite sweet little carb. So when Matt and I were running in Richmond I said to Matt that I will cope with the distance as I can have little snackie snacks and stuff while I run (probably what I’m most excited about for this marathon) and Matt said to me that apparently it is exhausting to eat while you run. So fast forward to tonight and I got home, a little peckish, as you do. And so I spied a box of After Eights open… and had one or ten before the run, then remembered Matt’s statement so popped one in my pocket as it was such a bitterly cold night I thought that little treat would be a welcome incentive- and obviously a worthy experiment. And I set a very good pace, I’ll have you know (it was absolutely freezing tonight so I had my beanie, gloves, leggings, tracksuit pants, tshirt, hoodie and my little chocolate friend in my pocket). Anyway, to cut a long story short. It is exhausting to eat whilst running (especially sneakily as I would’ve got a bollocking), it’s to do with the breathing and chewing and various high level physical things. And that new knowledge…That made me very sad. Sad to my soul. *sigh*, but the worst is yet to come. The tragedy was that I was running a decent pace but no more then I should be…and on the final home stretch I got the most painful stitch below my rib cage, right where my tummy is. My lil tummy who 25 minutes earlier was thrilled at the arrival of it’s favourite thing- chocolate and then distraught at immediately being bounced about until now it didn’t know which way was up- so it was just clinging with all it’s might to the chocolate and mint fondant (I’m not so uneducated to think it would still be recognisable as the 80s icon Mint Thin). Well, that’s how my stitch felt like. It passed relatively quickly once I got home and sat on the sofa- all puffy, red and grumpy.

So, my lesson: I need to run on a pretty empty stomach. And, my relationship with chocolate is going to irrevocably change. It has to. This is a very hard day. As I sit here finishing off my rolo chocolate and caramel pudding, and licking the little plastic bucket- a bit desperately, I might add. I know I’m going to have to give it up. Yes, I’m going to have to give up chocolate for at least half an hour before I run, and on top of that, I need to start training so I can eat while I run, so next time I shall pull a little sled behind me with Suitable Snacks…ORRR better idea- I’ll tie it behind Matt so while I’m chasing his ass down Sutton High Street, I can be eyeing out said snacks and at regular intervals training myself to be All I Can Be and to eat whilst I run. Now that I know After Eights are NOT a Suitable Snack, I shall have to move up the food chain and perhaps start with something healthier. Like Snickers Bars- after all they have nuts- that’s healthy, innit? So, sacrifices shall be made and this, this is a moment where a human can become hero. No more After Eights immediately before a run- just snickers bars during and rolo dessert afterwards.

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