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Quick Update

February 24, 2011

Still not running, as still bloody coughing. But I’m going for my first morning run tomorrow, which I’m sure will be a joy to report about.

Got an email update about the half marathon, next weekend, which I thought would be fun to share with you:
The race is reasonably tough – leave something in the tank for the last couple of miles, which are very lumpy! ‘The first half is all uphill, the second half is not all downhill.’…Sounds awesome. Not. What is this ‘lumpy’ they talk of? I presume it means hilly, which means hard, which means overwelming, which means I’m going to panic now…

Then!!!! It goes further:
Since this is an out-and-back course, you will be passing a lot of other runners going the other way. Even if you are in the lead, or last , PLEASE give all runners maximum encouragement – you are all in this race together. Headphones are discouraged for this very reason – do us all a favour – don’t run in a bubble! IF you are going to spit (yuck!), make sure you don’t do it on or anywhere near anyone else – thank you.

So even better, I should be running (walking), dodging spitting and cheerful runners running past me on the return leg of the trip…. but they have a further golden nugget of advice: Keep your wits about you and you’ll get around fine.

Now it sound dangerous…maybe I’ll just go marshall instead.

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  1. JillNick Britt permalink
    February 24, 2011 16:38

    Your blogs have made us chuckle, BF! You’re a loss to the publishing industry. May that lung-lurgy leave you quickly so you can get back to training. Schtinks will soon be there to train alongside you… she sent across her old training-taks, just don’t let her get to the little cart of goodies behind Mattie or we’ll have her muttering about weight.

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