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Half way/ 50 days

February 27, 2011

It’s midpoint in my training today and it was fortunate that today was my longest ever run- an hour and forty minutes and about 8.5 miles..well 8.92 miles according to my little google gadget but I couldn’t remember my exact route. I did walk in parts but not for very long. I was even running so early the daffodils weren’t awake yet… they were still closed and nodding sleepily… do you think I should be worried that I personify so many things? My blog doesn’t think so, so I guess not. 🙂

I also found a really interesting thing out about myself: if I have no idea where I am going, no clue of my route or where I am or how I’ll get home, it feels more like exploring and less mundane and pointless… although, I can’t do that when running with Matt because that’s one of our opposite things. I’m like: Oh just take this road it’s pointing the right kind of direction we’re going. Whereas, Matt would prefer to know the roads name, compass bearing, physical length and definitely, it’s end point, preferably in relation to our final destination…I guess, different people will side with either of us. Or preferably be in the healthy middle ground… *yawn* Just kidding, I’m sure you’ll live a very long life.

One funny moment on todays run was when I was thinking to myself that after about 3 miles I kind of get into a rhythm and it becomes a lot less like remembering to move my legs quickly and more automated…. and it was quite encouraging. And then not 5 minutes later I was walking- like I’d just lost concentration or something. I wasn’t even particularly tired or sore. I just seemed to lose interest. I actually had a chuckle and then started jogging again. Yeah, I hope my inner athlete will emerge but then I have moments like that I think it might not.

But it looks like I will be doing my half marathon next Sunday… half excited, half scared (guess that’s what makes it a half marathon, hey?) but overwhelmingly filled with a sense of wonderment that this is me and not someone else I can point a sharp stick at… oh well, technically it’s the home stretch now… past half way…. Jeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzz, I’m freaking myself out here. *Ha ha* *weep*

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