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London Marathon Madness/ Helping reduce crime

March 2, 2011

This is the email i sent out today to try and raise some money which I’ve not been so good at thus far…fundraising is rather awkward- but I suppose that’s just another weird moment brought to you by Andrea. I’m thinking of putting together a raffle and getting some businesses around Covent Garden to donate prizesand maybe see if I can blag other things- I know I keep threatening but it’s tough when I have a day job and fund raising to do. But hey, I’ll see how the email campaign goes this week and then gauge how much more effort it’ll take. I’m also planning my end of race, early birthday party… Anyway- here’s the copy from the email:

Please don’t laugh or shake your head in disbelief. I have entered the London Marathon. I was awarded a charity golden ticket and I’m hoping to help raise more money than has ever been raised before through this year’s Marathon, which is one of the world’s biggest fundraising events.

I’m running for The Outward Bound Trust, which inspires young people through challenging outdoor experiences and preparing them to face the future with confidence. Many of them may never have left their home town or have never seen snow on a mountain. In fact, the instructors are often asked “why is it so quiet?” or “does the tube stop here?” Which makes you realise how for granted we take a lot of our outdoor lifestyle and life experiences. It’s just a shame that we do. By sponsoring me to run 26 miles (sorry 26.2 miles- those .2 miles past Buckingham Palace will probably be the longest!) you will also be sponsoring the charity to carry on encouraging and developing kids to challenge themselves. Which hopefully means they won’t mug you when they are older. 🙂 So pay now to save later. Just kidding. but not really.

My fundraising page is here: You can sponsor me from anywhere in the world with a credit card, debit card or paypal. Details about international payment are here (the link is on the left of this page). Any amount is welcome. As I’ve given up drinking whilst training, you can even sponsor me the price of a drink, or a £1 per mile that I complete… any help is very appreciated. My minimum raising amount is £1750 but I am hoping through highlighting the importance of this different but important charity, people will surprise me with their generosity (or prudence- if they think the “Youff” of the Uk cities can do with a breath of fresh air). I’m hoping to get my fundraising over and done with so I can focus on my actual running and not be distracted by fundraising too, so although you can sponsor me after the marathon, just to make sure I actually finish all that.

Please leave your messages of support as they really help me get out of bed to run 6 miles before catching the tube into work every morning until April the 17th… If you sponsor me before this Sunday, I’ll even throw in a half marathon free! I’m running the Leith Hill half marathon (apparently mostly uphill) this Sunday. *gulp*

Thanks again,


Onto other news, I’ve run 6 miles (probably a bit under) yesterday morning and will do the same tonight when Matt gets back. Starting to make progress, but I’m starting to understand how far away I am! *Sigh* hopefully I’ll do Ok in the fundraising and so will feel better. I updated my inspiration page which reminds me about why I’m doing it and what motivates me etc… so that’s good. Ok, I better go get ready for my first run with Matt in several weeks *big gulp* x

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  1. Nick 'n Jill permalink
    March 2, 2011 20:01

    Yay! Donation from an Anywhere in the World credit card finally got accepted tonight! You’re doing so well, Andrea, after the down time with the lung lurgy; leave Greysie to his blissful cat’s-life-on-the-radiator in the morning and enjoy the awakening daffodils.
    Matt’ll tell you the Leith Hill half marathon will be a doddle … it’s easier to run uphill. Keep going – thinking of you!

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