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Gladiator moment

March 5, 2011

So, I did my second early morning run yesterday (Tuesday) and I tried a new route. It’s a round loop which makes it feel slightly less tedious then turning around. I’m waiting for Matt to get back so I can run with him and show how well I’m doing (Wednesday). A morning run was such a good way to start the day, it means I’m a lot less stressed about leaving work on time in the evenings. I had a real mental moment though when it was really hard and instead of just not even thinking and taking a break, I just pushed through it…there was chariots of fire- or some melodramatic overture pretend-blaring in the background. I’m sure it is the first sign of madness- or apparently something called the runners high… it left after a while though but I finished my route with no more stops!

…ok went with Matt- um, ya, he runs fast, man… I cannae feel me legs… but I’m alive (I don’t know why this keeps being a revelation to me). I tend to stop once or twice when I start but once I’m going it’s actually Ok and I don’t feel the need to stop. I do seriously need to pick up the pace though- Matt was bitching at one point about his face being cold. Humpf! He was almost doubling back on himself though so I guess it was fair enough, but I’m quicker than my granny shuffle used to be, so there is progress, even with my break in Feb. So I’m pleased with my progress.

Now it is Saturday night. I did one more early morning run- about 5 miles on Thursday morning and I have my half marathon tomorrow at 11am! Yikes. I’m looking forward to it- I’ve blogged about it before. The email from the organisers actually attempts to describe the route too: Around 45% of the race is on very uneven hard tracks, 45% on sandy or muddy paths, 5% on grass, 5% on tarmac. Ha ha… sounds like a good easy introduction to the world of running. Well, I’ll have an interesting post tomorrow I think. I’m actually really nervous, truth be told. All becoming a touch real. I’ve never even done a bloody fun run.

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