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Good news/ 36 days

March 12, 2011

As my latest tweet promised, I had a really good break through during my 11.24 mile run on Tuesday night, on two fronts. It took me just over 2 hours, with stops for traffic but it felt a lot easier. Matt and I ran a good pace, but I do need to start picking up the tempo, as I seem to run, settle into a pace that is quick enough but not too fast or tiring. It’s probably a slow jog pace too- but it’s definitely quicker than my granny shuffle. So, ya, I’m getting there. I was speaking to Cha, my best friend, the other night and she was saying how she struggled doing a 2 mile run. Do you know what? I didn’t even realise there was an option of a run under 3 miles, that is how indoctrinated Matt has made me. For him 3 miles is a very short, sprinty kinda run. Which is fair enough, it should be an under half hour run. I hope that it will eventually be like that for me, but it really seems to take me quite a while initially to break through the ‘quit’ mentality and that part of my brain normally only shuts up once I’m quite tired- generally half an hour into the run- so really it’s probably harder than a run over 6 or 7 miles. Maybe I’m Ok running long distance, once my heart rate settles down and my lungs just do their thing. well I guess I’l find out. We’re doing a 16 mile run tomorrow, after I’ve gone to see a man about a horse. 🙂 LOL, nah, I’m going to look at a horse with another friend, Nic. Hi, Nic! She also talks to daffodils. Weirdo.

Anyway, onto my second aspect of breakthrough. So, some background: I went onto runners week website, which has very active discussion forums, looking for inspiration- both for fundraising and the actual running. So I open one of the discussions and it’s all about how charity runners are people who have to buy their way into these kind of races and how they just get in the way of all the real runners. Then, there was talk about the London Marathon race itself and how some charities have their own food and water stations and if they give you stuff and then realise that you’re not running for them, they try take it back off you. So suddenly I’m having visions of me on the 17th April, being elbowed out the way, my sweeties and juice nicked off me by the quicker people. Giant caterpillars, men in 15 ft nurses outfits and rhino suits, barging me out the way as they try and run a “sub 5” time, whilst I find myself a lonely bit of curb to sit and weep. Not quite the auspicious chariots of fire camaraderie vision I started with. I guess, there is a lot of naiviety on my behalf by entering this race/ spectacle and there’ll be parts that I didn’t expect which are awesome, and bits that aren’t. As with everything I suppose. But I think my excitement is becoming a little more realistic too.

So whilst I was running and this discussion was playing on loop through my head I wrote off most of the commentators as self righteous fools who don’t understand that noone would be interested in the race if there weren’t the million and one solicitious emails flying about in the run up to it- begging for a couple of quid to help them run the race- and no doubt raise money and profile for worthy causes, but it is kind of a selfish choice. It is me, telling my friends and families that they need to sponsor a charity that maybe they don’t think is worthy, but they’ll do it, because they don’t want to seem mean and they might just want to show support for me etc. And I’ve been so touched by the support I have gotten- often, from really unexpected people in different ways and it does help me get my sorry arse out of bed in the frosty mornings/ cold nights. But, I guess, I’d just never really thought about it in the way the forum was describing. So I had an epiphany- which is generally what happens when I worry and shake an idea about for long enough.

I figured, that there are certain things I’ve learnt through this experience, and people do genuinely want to support me, but maybe not by dishing out more cash etc, no matter how interesting and important the cause is. There are certain things that have really made a difference to me in training and recovering. The one is Matt’s strawberry protein milkshake- but I don’t think anyone will really care about that, and the other is the bath soak I use after training. Now everyone likes a bathsoak- especially one that is medicinal- Arnica and various goodies to sooth muscles. It is also international so everyone can get some if ever they are doing something even half as insane as a marathon. So I figured, I’d bring brand placement to the sponsorship front- and then the suppliers can sponsor me to be a social media champion for them. Genius, ne? Everyone wins, my friends find out about a good product, and the good product finds out who is interested- and best of all, it is all done to help a worthwhile cause of getting kids to experience new adventures. And so my cunning plan is being written up under the more mature auspices of A Fundraising Proposal which I’ll send off tomorrow night/ Monday morning.

I was very excited to have my first response on twitter too. I use it only to update this blog on a more frequent basis, as my life is pretty time strapped at the moment. I have 2 more followers, who are actually relevant to marathon running! How exciting is that??? And they are really interesting people. The guy: TakeChallenge who responded said: TakeChallenge @andyjogger2011 Anyone can finish a marathon – its all in the mind! His bio says: ExRoyal Navy, Company Director, Ran, Swim, Biked 6,000 miles in 2 yrs, climbed Russian mountain, ran 101miles in 24 hrs & IRONMAN, Support YOUR Troops! So here I am bitching about my measly little efforts and there are people out there doing marathons as training runs. It indeed, is all in the mind.

So I’ll keep you posted about my proposal which I’m sending across on Monday morning, and also about my longest run ever tomorrow! After I go see a man about a horse. (I just really like saying that…)

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  1. Nic permalink
    March 14, 2011 11:44

    im not weird…… ok maybe a little…… 🙂

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