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Exactly one month to go (!)

March 17, 2011

With one month to go, it’s probably a good sign that I’m blogging and not running, hey?

It’s 6.45 and I am supposed to on the homeward leg of my quick morning run. Instead, I’m still in bed, feeling very poorly. So I’ll provide you a quick update on life in general.

As soon as I have a breakthrough it seems I rock back and sit for a few days admiring the unexpected miracle as opposed to just viewing it as a reality of the hard graft that’s gone into it. So what was my latest milestone? 6 miles/ 9.65 km in 59 minutes… which is the pace I’d like to be running- reality is I’m probably closer to an 11 minute mile with the wind behind me. 🙂 But it’s funny how quickly the marathon has gone from something I am hoping to survive and complete to something I’d like to do in under 5 hours- which is totally unrealistic given my starting point of never having run any distance whatsoever, but it’s compulsive!

I’ve been getting some real encouragment from people too- strangers on twitter; friends of friends as well as distant contacts from school, all dropping me advice and insight and I am lapping it up. It’s just useful to get a rough idea of what to expect and what generally happens in other peoples experience of these things they call races.

I also got my fundraising proposal across to the company I approached and fingers crossed they support my , initial noises are that it is very interesting so hopefully I can get my masterful cunning plan into action. I love an idea where all sides benefit and it’s for a good cause so fuzzy feelings all round at the bar! Here’s hoping I communicated it all well enough though.

In other news, our kitchen has been demolished and all the walls downstairs taken out… so I didn’t go running last night, I debated woodburning stoves vs open fire places…obviuosly a tactical choice in my marathon training given where I am right now (in bed) but hey ho. Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans, hey?

Here’s what will be happening: Friday night- 12 mile run with Matt here, Sunday 16-18 miles in Richmond Park… let’s see how it holds up against my last expereince there… so much for it being a regular Sunday run – sigh! Then 18 miles next weekend- to the M25 and back to home! and then just a couple more 10 milers in the run up.

Ok, better get ready for work…

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