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4 more Sundays, it will all be over

March 20, 2011

So, I ran twice around Richmond Park. Stark difference to my second attempt there, where I didn’t even get around it once! You might not remember that fine moment so click here to remind yourself… It was damn hard. I also was not very quick, my posture was rubbish, but at least my pace meant I noticed all the glorious, blue sky day, spring flowers (don’t think any country celebrates spring in quite the same camp fashion the British wild does).

It was a beautiful day and loads of runners/ cyclists about. I think I did really well, but I’m still not happy with my pace and panache. I need to work some elegance into it all. There are so many bouncy, bonny runners with high ponytails and high stepping, bright white sneakers. I can hear them as they approach me and whoosh past with neat little ipod earphones bopping out some tinny tune. But appropriately they come and they go, as meaningfully as the light neat footsteps they leave behind. The earth feels me deeply and so I leave a more lasting impression. Surely. Well that’s what I keep telling myself- and the two tiny bunnies munching blades of grass as they watch the throngs of people, rapt in their activities, hurtle past.

Eventually the pain ended and I curled into a painful lump in the car. My knees hurt, because my ankle hurt and finally my hips felt like the socket was a grater. I tell you what this running melarky is painful, but it is all in the mind and is all conquerable. I am reading Murakami’s What I talk about when I talk about running, and he describes training as training a beast of burden to carry a load. Your body is like a horse or a mule and needs to understand what is expected of it, so in order to communicate that, exercise needs to be put in. And I need to experience what some of the pain will be like, and to understand when I am being melodramatic (all the time- just FYI) and when I need to stop (so far, I’ve not ever REALLY needed to, even when I have but that’s what you learn through experience)

Then you’d think- if you were me, at least, that I would not be able to move today- seeing 16 miles is the furtherest (sic) I have ever ran, but I didn’t. (I wasn’t even that stiff- which shows you how I really don’t push myself…. note to self) Instead, I tied up my laces, and went to run 10 miles…Again, not being able to tell distance I thought my new and improved attitude and pace (including the use of tinny music) meant I was bolting along- like a stallion, baby. But actually I’d just shaved 2 miles off the distance, not 20 minutes off my time. LOL.

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