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Broken nails and bruised feet

March 26, 2011

Life is hard, and then you train for a marathon. Why??? Surely it means excessive stress at a pretty intense time in my life anyway? Work has been off the radar (company mergers, new job position, project conclusion), my house is gutted in renovations that are going to run over Jess (sister in law) arriving to stay, so her bedroom is crammed to the rafters with our rubbish. And yet, people, and yet…I am pretty chilled at the moment. I have flutterby moments in my chest when I look at the scope of what is happening in my life, but it passes. And I am starting to suspect this running melarkey just may be the root.

I also make quite unusual choices. Today I was locked out of home- where I would be without our neighbours, I don’t know- well I do, I’d still be outside probably. 🙂 Anyway, so I’m locked out, the spare key isn’t working, so we get out the step ladder and I clamber onto the back roof, look down and realise it is quite far and so send Nick over, because in my mind, I actually was worried about getting injured and not being able to run. Me, who only 3 weeks ago was desperate to look up spontaneous and non-permanent limb loss. So there I was feeding my friendly neighbour to the lions just in case I couldn’t train! Last Friday I relinquished the chance at a much needed trip to the pub to go home and run instead!

Then this Friday morning, I went for a run, wearing Matt’s watch (mine is slightly too glam and unfunctional to run with) and the difference it made was staggering. When I’d drift into my day dream I’d pick the pace up because I knew in 5 minutes I needed to be at the traffic lights or at the intersection and so I’d hurry up. The advantage of that is that I shaved 5 minutes off my time- so running at under 10 minutes per mile. It also highlighted how slap dash my prep has been. I realised tinny music helps me and although I like listening to the radio, running with my phone in my pocket is probably a bad idea, so I got a little shuffle and some sport earphones- rather excited. Then I am going to get a running watch too.

I also have devised my running strategy (if you think it is pie, please tell me as it’s not much point thinking it if you don’t tell me) Anyway, so I know I can run 16 miles (doing 18 tomorrow!) so if I do a 16 mile run and then take a 10 minute break, walking and getting some mojo back and taking on my fluids and food, then I’ll run again for the last 9-10 miles- which I know I can run. It means I’m not running 26 miles I’m just doing what I have done on one weekend, just in one day instead.

I’m also not going to worry about my time. I reckon I should be able to do it under 5 hours, but then I get real and remember my starting objective was to just not die doing it! It goes to show you how all this life balance and stuff is going to my head! Next thing you know I’ll be referring to myself as an athlete. Oh no, wait I already do that! Went to our local pub when I first declared this plan, and the barman asked me what I was drinking I said a J20 (it’s a fruit juice) and he just looked at me like I was mad, and asked me why…which probably was a sign that I drank too much there too often! But I told him I was running the marathon so now I am an athlete, and oh how we all laughed, ummm, yeah, guess you had to be there.

But it brings me neatly to my final point which is public expectation. Have you seen my sponsor page? If you like it they will sponsor me running fund raising for Outward bound 50p… so far I’ve only gotten like 5 people to do it, as everyone like the link not actually the page! LOL. Well, really what can one expect from non- athletes? 🙂 x

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