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21 days to go…cunning plan, engaged.

March 27, 2011

Wow, time evaporates in twitter world! I’m into the “engagement phase” to work out where everyone else is at for #VLM. (LOL- check me out! I’m trying to figure out all the lingo!VLM is Virgin London Marathon, hell-o! Get with the programme! Dunno if the lingo is really for ease or exclusion…but another story for another time!) What is awesome is how motivating other peoples stories can be- it really make it all seem worthwhile. I am..wait for it people….new words entering onto this blog…getting excited about the marathon! 🙂

My cunning plan discussed on one of my previous posts has come together and my new found favourite friends at A.Vogel did such a good job to make the page look nice- now I need to find 1000 people to like the page! ( I am really excited and overwelmed by the reality of what I am doing! Well, hopefully with some social engagement exercises I can not only find solace with others but also share a new way of fundraising instead of flogging friends and family! It was nerve racking approaching a company to see if they would be interested in the idea but it was so great that they were. It was also a genuinely win-win. I can get sponsorship through my friends support, whilst they get exposure for a product that is awesome- and trust me after my run today I will vouch again for it’s awesomeness. My only regret is that they removed my quote about Arnica being magical… advertising standards and all that.

So onto the gore of the day: 17.2 miles in 3 hours… which is my longest run ever! It was very hard- even my friendly daffodils were wilting in heat of early spring. The problem with running in the afternoon is that it is tricky making sure you eat early enough so you don’t get a stitch or struggle in the run, but then also avoid what happened today to me which is desperate fantasizing about any sugar based substance on the way back- especially coke or haribos…neither of which are really street cred in the running world it would seem… but hey ho. I also am learning to run through the pain of running- to prove it I have a beautiful blister the size of a small country on my toe and a nail that looks ominously likely to go AWOL… But, I think I just might cope with 26.2 miles. Matt reckons I might even run the whole way. Good thing he wasn’t with me today as I stopped and started my way through the route. Maybe on the day with people witnessing the quit mentality I might quit quitting. Nothing like a baying crowd to quicken the feet.

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  1. March 28, 2011 16:41

    You’re sooo-oo funny, BF … well done, and again!! xx

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