Best run EVER/ 13 days!!

I ran a short run (8 miles) in Richmond Park and it is stark contrast to my previous attempts- my first run and my disastrous previous attempt but this time, I ran confidently, I didn’t die after the hills (or even stop, please note!) and I even managed to keep a decent posture. My granny shuffle seems a thing of the past, my quicker Phoebe-esque (from Friends- google Phoebe run) also was noticeably absent. Although, I did use my patented tree smack-talking technique which I mastered on Friday, but only occassionally and when I was really pushing it. But regardless of all of that, I finally felt like a runner.

Anyway, a lovely highlight was seeing my daffodil man from my first ever run around Richmond park and the second time he ran past us (yes, he’d lapped us) he gave me an encouraging smile and maybe that’s what made it my best run ever. Finally, I was noticing and being noticed by real runners- and I no longer wanted to bite them, trip them or be them! So, pretty good really.

On Friday I also did my 6 miles in under an hour, so really I think my mini break down last week might finally have been the bollocking I needed (Says me, whilst I still sit at my desk in the office, blatantly not going for a run tonight!)

But I did send my guest blog post to the justgiving website, about interesting fundraising ideas. It’s about my fan page set up for the arnica bath oil that I use when recovering from my new found athleticism: Help A.Vogel Atro-Bath support Andrea so hopefully that’ll be something to look forward to! or sponsor me


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