5 days to go/ And so I ran

Did another 6 miles/ 9 km run in under 55 minutes tonight! Feeling quietly confident that I might not die afterall next Sunday!

Busy trying to hammer the fundraising front and deal with some pressing family issues, which has meant that I haven’t done a last very long run, but I did get a lovely watch BabyG watch to time myself from Matt’s lil bro and Bronnie, which I am well excited about. It has a cat animation and every-thing. 🙂 And a stop watch, hence how I knew tonights run took 54 minutes…

I had a great run last week too, when it was really hot and I just decided right I’m turning around, there is no point in pushing myself this hard just before the race (bear in mind this is about 2 miles in- if that!)

And so I used the tree technique and came to an amusing conclusion. Running long distance is like training a child using the cry-for-5-minutes technique. In the 5 minutes, most children will settle and go to sleep, the 5 minutes of crying is hell, but it is simply a case of riding it out. (In my vast experience as a non-mother) It’s like that when I run, I now know it takes me exactly 40 minutes, for my breathing to regulate and my body to lose the will to keep fighting to walk (or better yet, sleep)

Anyway, while I was coming to that conclusion, counting trees, I didn’t turn around and when I remembered that that was what I had wanted to do, I was already pretty much half way anyway.

And so this is what will keep me going next Sunday. I wonder how many trees there are on the route…I wonder where the route actually is….

I also wonder what time I’m supposed to be there and what I should wear…. apparently everyone’s already been training in their gear on a long run. Ummm, yeah I didn’t really get that memo?


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