The Final Training Session/ 3 days to go!!

I had some coverage from the local paper- dunno if you saw? 🙂 I’d emailed them to say I was running the marathon and would be writing an article about the race with pictures etc , would they be interested. So the journo dude calls me up, asks me some general questions, and me being me answer in my usual dismissive fashion. He says they might do something on me that day even… he’ll grab stuff off my blog if need be. wow. So I thought I’d share the resulting article

Here’s a great comment from Duncan : “Brilliant! They make you sound like someone who only ventured outdoors to buy more chips and pot noodles.” Oooh, the pride. I just might burst.

I thought an appropriate end to my ‘military style training regime’ would be a strenuous spinning class. Use different muscles from my extensive collection and all that. So I went to gym, put my little towel and bottle on my bike, went down to get changed… got to the changing rooms and realised I didn’t have any trainers. Now I did genuinely pause and wonder if people would notice or mind… but figured they would. So quietly skulked upstairs (barefoot) retrieved my bottle and towel and went to a body balance pilates class. And so I end my training for 26.2 miles with a true gruelling end- a sun salutation with karma breathing.

But luckily this happened after the journalist called and wrote about me being Suttons biggest couch potato.


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