Penultimate post/ 34 hours

Well, obviously, I am nervous. To be brutally honest, I am actually more nervous than I have ever been for anything else. True Story.
…Will I feel like a single soul in a sea of thousands?
…Will it be a rerun of my half marathon? Only without Matt.
…Will the starting gun go off and I slowly inch towards the start line along with the snail, bear, giant nurse and men with fridges on their backs? And me. Mrs-obviously-normal-why-is-she-here?
Ag, I feel like weeping while all around me people on twitter are jittery and excited, with their well prepared, already packed bags and chosen outfits.

I bought the bra I’m running in yesterday- wearing it around work today to try it out. Apparently it should be tested in a run. But I’m in ‘tapering’ mode. LOL! Still not sure about the clothes. Got new socks though- apparently another no-no. And new (but awesome tasty) energy gels. Again, the top-order no-no.

Don’t get me wrong, I may have been out of breath climbing the stairs to work today (it is on third floor to be fair!) 🙂 but I can run 6 miles comfortably- the first 40 minutes suck but then it all ticks over (hopefully). My final two training session might have been yoga and pilates based as opposed to cardio in nature. I might have only done a maximum of 40 training runs (if I use the number of blog posts as a guide).

But what I’m really freaking out about is that I am acting like a first time mother nervous about giving birth! Think about it:
• Millions of people experience it
• There’s a risk of death but shouldn’t really happen in a first world setting
• I fixate on horror stories, like Louise at work, she has problems with her feet still- 2 years on!
• People say this often to me: “Obviously it’s painful but it’s all worthwhile”
• I’ve thought and talked of nothing else for months
• It’s kept my other worries and concerns ‘in perspective’
• I’m touched by everyones support and excitement
• I have a list of people to text with the results as soon as it is over
• I know it will be absolute agony towards the end- especially the last 45 minutes “if you’re unfortunate and inexperienced”
• My husband’s really nervous and will stand helplessly and worried on the day.
• I bought a new bra
• There’ll be people there in nurses outfits. And dressed as a snail

Ok, maybe the last one, not so much the same, but you never know!

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll feel better, but for now I am safely ensconced in a womb of fear.


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