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How did this happen??

This is the year where I do things. My ‘yes’ year. I just wanted to do something different. I’m not getting any younger- I will never be fitter, or stronger or healthier and I’d just never really accepted that. I don’t feel like I change day to day. Yet the reality is there are things I can do now which I won’t be able to do in a few years time. Fact. Currently, I wallow around in my comfort zone pointing sharp sticks at people who freak out at the ageing process. So I guess, I’m as surprised as anyone else at this sudden vomit of ambition and inspiration. But a projectile of 26.2 miles really is quite an imaginative feat…

I’ve always wanted to enter the London Marathon. I mean loads of people do, in a kind of: wow, that must be a great experience- kind of desire. Then they flick channels and carry on watching Total Wipe Out or Eastenders or the news. Well, at least that was what I’ve always done. I remember when Sophia, my cousin ran it- I was just amazed. Then I spoke to Fee, at a Jo and Chris’s BBQ after she’d done the London triathlon and she looked so healthy, happy and motivated. I had to have several extra glasses of wine that evening 6 months ago, just to feel my equilibrium return.

Then 2011 started and I suddenly thought I want to do things. Loads of things and why the hell not! I had decided to stop drinking for January. So then first day of the New Year back at work I send Matt (husband/soon-to-be-personal-trainer) this email:

“OMG!!! Just entered the London Marathon.” Maybe I can extend my prohibition period beyond January.

Matt’s response:  (probably in quite a tired tone which doesn’t come across on email) “What have you done now?!”. I tend to get bored with life and then take dramatic action- which often can be remedied and fixed. Unfortunately, sometimes I realise I do this, so take action that can’t be undone. Like signing the forms committing to fundraising. So Matt’s question: ‘What have you done’- often is initially quite a weary question as sometimes the threats don’t materialise- especially as he has time to talk me away from the precipice…but in this instance, it quickly mutated to panic- as he realised this had some serious implications for him and our relationship. This was something he knew meant he’d have to hold my hand in this. I’d be doing the jumping, but he’d be the one wearing the parachute- as is always the case in our relationship.

This is the blog is my training diary/ exercise expose/ mental decompression chamber. It is also to make sure I don’t back out and somehow raise £1750 for Outward Bound charity before April the 17th. Which I think is even scarier than the race itself! But if this charity is to enable children to experience the wild then here’s me setting an example of how to be brave. (hopefully).

Also, this is a buy one, get one free experience. I’ve also got a place in the London Triathlon in July. I mean if you’re going to be mad, you might as well be a dribbling wreck, hey? I won’t be fundraising for that though. I might continue to blog about the journey- albeit, on slightly lighter touch level as it is far away enough for it to be a reasonable goal. Whereas, the London Marathon is exactly 100 days away and currently I struggle to run to the end of my road. So there is only one thing for it, isn’t there?

Best tie up my laces and pound that pavement!

You can follow this journey using the networked blog button on the right of your screen. Any encouragement, emails or comments and sponsorship is really welcome and motivating for me.

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