The marathon/ The final post

After much nerves and wobbles of fear this past week, this morning dawned very well- slightly overcast but warm. I'd refrained from the hog roast at Matt's end of season dinner the night before- amidst much sighing, and settled for pasta and potatoes and bread. And lots of water. This morning, I left early to … Continue reading The marathon/ The final post


Penultimate post/ 34 hours

Well, obviously, I am nervous. To be brutally honest, I am actually more nervous than I have ever been for anything else. True Story. ...Will I feel like a single soul in a sea of thousands? ...Will it be a rerun of my half marathon? Only without Matt. ...Will the starting gun go off and … Continue reading Penultimate post/ 34 hours

The Final Training Session/ 3 days to go!!

I had some coverage from the local paper- dunno if you saw? 🙂 I'd emailed them to say I was running the marathon and would be writing an article about the race with pictures etc , would they be interested. So the journo dude calls me up, asks me some general questions, and me being … Continue reading The Final Training Session/ 3 days to go!!


So, finally got round to reading the official guide to the marathon today to work out when to register. Really motivational stuff. Tres exciting. Went round my sisters for dinner with my dad, Matt and Jess paging through to the section of where to meet and greet etc at the end of the run. Found … Continue reading PAAANNNIC STATIONS!!

5 days to go/ And so I ran

Did another 6 miles/ 9 km run in under 55 minutes tonight! Feeling quietly confident that I might not die afterall next Sunday! Busy trying to hammer the fundraising front and deal with some pressing family issues, which has meant that I haven't done a last very long run, but I did get a lovely … Continue reading 5 days to go/ And so I ran

The politics of fundraising/ 12 days

So, some further details about The Art of fundraising as per my blog post on the justgiving website. This is like the HSBC adverts definition/ world view dilemma.... So this fundraising melarkey: Is it support or is it harassment? Here are the facts: to get a place in the London Marathon other than the limited … Continue reading The politics of fundraising/ 12 days

Best run EVER/ 13 days!!

I ran a short run (8 miles) in Richmond Park and it is stark contrast to my previous attempts- my first run and my disastrous previous attempt but this time, I ran confidently, I didn't die after the hills (or even stop, please note!) and I even managed to keep a decent posture. My granny … Continue reading Best run EVER/ 13 days!!

What I learnt whilst running

As can be seen from my last post I had a bit of a week or 10 days of hell which finally caught up with me and left me feeling very agitated, which translates as intense navel gazing and grumpiness. So, to get myself over it and determine how to best get through the next … Continue reading What I learnt whilst running

Houston, Radio Silence/ 17 days

I'm sorry for the silence this week. I've done a spinning class and a 6 mile run. I know. I know. Awesome training. There are a million and one excuses, all valid, but all ultimately point out that I haven't put the marathon as my ultimate goal. It comes second to my job. My house. … Continue reading Houston, Radio Silence/ 17 days

Perspective and perseverance

I have Sunday blues on Monday night...tomorrow morning is a 6am 6 mile run before a long day at work. I need to conquer this bitching, whining tendency and accept that it is my choice. If I want to finish the marathon running than I need to put the effort in. Thing is that bitching … Continue reading Perspective and perseverance