An easy to forward link My sponsorship page...just for ease of passing it on. For every like of their Facebook page my charity that I am running for: Outward Bound gets sponsored 50p...all adds up! Please like and share the link with others x


21 days to go…cunning plan, engaged.

Wow, time evaporates in twitter world! I'm into the "engagement phase" to work out where everyone else is at for #VLM. (LOL- check me out! I'm trying to figure out all the lingo!VLM is Virgin London Marathon, hell-o! Get with the programme! Dunno if the lingo is really for ease or exclusion...but another story for … Continue reading 21 days to go…cunning plan, engaged.

Broken nails and bruised feet

Life is hard, and then you train for a marathon. Why??? Surely it means excessive stress at a pretty intense time in my life anyway? Work has been off the radar (company mergers, new job position, project conclusion), my house is gutted in renovations that are going to run over Jess (sister in law) arriving … Continue reading Broken nails and bruised feet

4 more Sundays, it will all be over

So, I ran twice around Richmond Park. Stark difference to my second attempt there, where I didn't even get around it once! You might not remember that fine moment so click here to remind yourself... It was damn hard. I also was not very quick, my posture was rubbish, but at least my pace meant … Continue reading 4 more Sundays, it will all be over

Exactly one month to go (!)

With one month to go, it's probably a good sign that I'm blogging and not running, hey? It's 6.45 and I am supposed to on the homeward leg of my quick morning run. Instead, I'm still in bed, feeling very poorly. So I'll provide you a quick update on life in general. As soon as … Continue reading Exactly one month to go (!)

Half marathon: being the first loser

Leith Hill Half Marathon. Maybe if you know what to expect it's not so bad? Maybe if it wasn't all uphill? Maybe if it's actually run with the other runners in the group instead of just me and Matt and the confused spectators wondering whether we started late. Well, at least I got to see … Continue reading Half marathon: being the first loser

London Marathon Madness/ Helping reduce crime

This is the email i sent out today to try and raise some money which I've not been so good at thus far...fundraising is rather awkward- but I suppose that's just another weird moment brought to you by Andrea. I'm thinking of putting together a raffle and getting some businesses around Covent Garden to donate … Continue reading London Marathon Madness/ Helping reduce crime

Half way/ 50 days

It's midpoint in my training today and it was fortunate that today was my longest ever run- an hour and forty minutes and about 8.5 miles..well 8.92 miles according to my little google gadget but I couldn't remember my exact route. I did walk in parts but not for very long. I was even running … Continue reading Half way/ 50 days