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Sponsor the madness! (please)

When I was about 13 there was a hike going up Hogs Head, just outside Cape Town, and I really wanted to do it. But didn’t, because I was probably watching TV. But it was an Outward Bound course. I remember that. Kids need the great outdoors. Here in the UK, there is also the opportunity for urban kiddie foxes to leave the streets and head into the forests and experience what it means to be real foxes. (and then hopefully come back with a new appreciation for things)

Anyway, the most important part is that it teaches children to be brave, and maybe if I’d gone on that hike I would have run a marathon much earlier in my life. But there you go. You can read all about the charity on the link on the right, or just click here.

If you feel that you would like to support me in this insane challenge, the sponsor details are on this page. If you don’t want to sponsor me but would like to sponsor a child to go on an adventure and learn to do things and to grow up to be brave and a better person than me, then please sponsor the charity, using my link.

Anyone in the world (sorry my little green friends, intergalatic discrimination is still alive and well, alas) can donate on JustGiving – all you need is a credit card, a debit card or a Paypal account
Donations are made in pounds sterling (£ GBP), so you might find it useful to use a currency convertor before you donate. There are lots to choose from, but if you’re stuck, a good one is XE:

Once you know how much you’d like to donate in £’s, just enter that amount in the box under Enter an amount (e.g. if you’d like to donate £10, enter 10.00) and follow the donation process as normal.

When your donation appears on your bank statement, it will show the equivalent in your own currency. It’s worth remembering that your bank/credit card company might charge extra fees for international transactions, so you may wish to contact them before you donate to find out.

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